Accept Credit Cards for your Small Business with your own merchant account.

Custom programs for retail storefront, eCommerce, and Business to Business Merchants

Retail Merchants

Keeping your register ringing is no simple task. With staff to train, customers to please, and budgets to stretch, you need a credit-card-processor that shares your commitment to competitive pricing and superior service.


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Mobile Processing Merchants

Process credit cards from your iphone, android phone or tablet. Processing Credit Cards wirelessly at the point of sale, “in the field” will greatly increase secure processing of your customer purchases, and lower your processing fees.

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Business To Business

This type of transaction, one business selling to another using a Purchasing, Corporate, or Business Card is the fastest growing type of transaction. At Payment Transaction Systems a Level 3 Merchant Account will access Interchange pricing qualifications, allowing your business to lower your cost of processing Visa and MasterCard transactions.

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Financial Institutions

In this ever increasingly competitive marketplace, keeping your competition from accessing your customer base is of paramount importance. With Payment Transaction Systems functioning as your merchant service provider, you\’ll limit your competition\’s opportunities to pitch additional services to your depository customers.

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Multiple Location Merchants

Dramatic cost reduction for electronic processing, expanded service options, uniformed on-line, real time PCI compliant secure observation of all electronic transactions driven by all locations, accessed from any internet connected computer.


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New Car Dealerships
By participating in the AutoPlus program at Payment Transaction Systems, Your Dealership will have the best customer service available in the industry. Payment Transaction Systems Award Winning liason Program will assign a liaison representative to your dealership.

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